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The process of unapologetic, unwavering honoring of You as a living altar in a world that constantly says, “You are not enough.”

That’s BS. And we aren’t here for it. You’re more than enough.

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About Rebelmancy

Sometimes, the solution really is F*ck It. With that...

Rebelmancy. An exploration in pleasure, self-love, and mortality accompanied by the gift of pleasure-based herbal remedies created with intentionality, love, & respect infused with Ancestral Knowledge for the modern age, sprinkled with Badassery, and a dash of audacity.

About the Rebelmancy logo:

The butcher knives are an homage to my maternal Grandmother, Mocille Roberts Chisholm. She was a nurse and peace maker known to carry 2 butcher knives in her bra and hot steel in her purse. She was that WOMAN, & she loved me. May she rest blissfully. The vintage aesthetic is a nod to her moonshine-making. Interesting doesn’t begin to describe her!

The flamingoes are community-oriented and mate for life. Flamingoes embody symbolism representing beauty, balance, potential, romance, truth, liberation from suffering, passion, love, creativity, transformation, empathy, and profound bonds. They also symbolize life, death, rebirth, and metamorphosis.

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About Erika Parker-Smith

training and her advocacy for pleasure-based remedies and the Essential Self" clearly indicate her commitment to personal growth and her mission. Looking ahead, Erika's future plans include to pursuing PhD in East/West Psychology, underscoring her dedication to being a force for change, love, and healing in her community.

Despite calling the vibrant state of Massachusetts home, at her core, Erika is truly a Southern girl at heart. Her warmth and authenticity, rooted in her Southern upbringing, radiate in all her interactions. Her resolute commitment to living on her own terms and empowering others to do the same is not just a professional mission but a personal value that she lives by. As a multi-hyphenate, multi-passionate wife and mother of three, she deeply understands the importance of finding balance in a hectic world.

Erika Parker-Smith, MFA, is not just a veteran technologist and technical writer but a passionate advocate for a more rested world after experiencing burnout, anxiety, and depression. Her journey from corporate America to her current roles as a Spiritual and Pleasure-based herbalist, a Death Doula, a Passionate Speaker, and Educator is a testament to her unwavering commitment to helping others rediscover self-love, guiltless pleasure, and rest.

With a mission to connect people with the healing power of nature, spirituality, and community, Erika leverages her unique blend of experience and expertise. She delivers compelling, thought-provoking talks on work-life harmony, authenticity, and living audaciously with She Has Audacity. Her remarkable ability to inspire others to embrace their true selves, find peace, and remember their purpose is a testament to her passion. Currently, she’s studying as a Level 3 Spiritual Herbalist Apprentice with Sacred Vibes Founder, Herbalist Karen M. Rose.

Alua Arthur's question, "What must I do to be at peace with myself to live presently and die gracefully?", sparked a transformative journey for Erika. Her completion of Alua's Going with Grace Death Doula/End-of-Life Planning



A few of our offerings

Life is Sweet: A Death Chat

We host community conversations at death chats to discuss life, death, & things that make life sweet. It’s a safe space to talk about a topic we try to avoid.

Pleasure-based Herbal Remedies

Intimate herbals for more pleasurable Earthings. Solutions for when they got you f*cked up or you're seeking to incorporate more pleasure in your life!


Want to unpack your thoughts and feelings around death and dying? Let’s talk about it.

Documenting all your wants and wishes for the end and after you’re gone beyond a will (Advanced Directives, Legacy Projects/Life Reviews, End-of-Life Chats, Memorial/Funeral Planning, Obituary writing, etc.).

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Facilitating, Teaching, & Speaking

We love sharing Herbalism, Pleasure, & Death Doulaship. Book us for your next meeting, conference, or event. We love creating pleasurable experiences.

Custom Herbal Creations

Need products for an event, retreat, a gift, or something special just for you? We love creating custom blends for teas, ritual smokes, baths, and oils..

Our Community doesn’t play about us!

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Floral Plant Illustration
Floral Plant Illustration

Erika worked with me to intentionally curate a product that I could include in a wellness box for the guests at a yoga event that I organized. The Nourishing Protection Oil Roller was the perfect add. Loved the packaging and the purpose.


Rebelmancy’s body butter is the truth!! Not only does it smell good, it leaves your skin silky smooth and moisturized for a minimum of 6 hours. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


The custom teas, ritual smoke blends, oils and shea butter are perfection. Got me out here smelling good, looking good, and feeling even better.


I wanted to share my profound gratitude for Rebelmancy's products, particularly their "Unbothered" tea blend. As someone who grapples with anxiety, finding effective relief is often elusive. Yet, from the moment I took my first sip, this tea enveloped me in a sense of calm, easing my mind and allowing me to find calm in the present moment. After this, I asked about something to help my dry, ashy skin. To my delight, Rebelmancy had just the remedy, the body oil formulated for me was perfection, leaving my skin soft and moisturized. It hasn’t felt this good in years. Erika’s dedication to crafting supportive remedies that truly make a difference is on point.


Every product I’ve gotten from Rebelmancy is top tier. From the dried herbs to tea to sister circle sessions. I love it all. They’ve helped me balance, release, and heal energies that no longer serve me.


There’s nothing more badass than healing!

Erika Parker-Smith, Rebelmancy Founder, Pleasure Herbalist & Death Doula

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